Stardom Acquired By NJPW Parent Company

3 years ago by Andy Datson

Stardom Acquired By NJPW Parent Company

All-female Japanese wrestling promotion Stardom has been acquired by Kix Road, a subsidiary of Bushiroad, the company which owns New Japan Pro Wrestling.

While many may see this as a NJPW buying Stardom, this is not the case according to the Wrestling Observer. There are no plans to have Stardom talent on NJPW shows.

What is accurate is that both NJPW and Stardom are now owned by the same parent company, but that they will continue to be run separately.

Hiroshi “Rossy” Ogawa will remain CEO of Stardom, which will continue using the Stardom name, but World Wonder Ring Stardom, the company which previously owned the promotion, will no longer exist as a company.

The goal for Bushiroad will be to build the Stardom brand through advertising and TV time, just like they did with NJPW many years ago. A Stardom TV show will air on BS NTV and Tokyo MX starting January 2020.

NJPW World, NJPW’s streaming service, will not air Stardom events, as these will continue to be aired on Stardom World, a separate service. While there will not be any Stardom talent appearing on NJPW shows, there is the possibility of this happening during non-Japanese tours.

There are already plans in place to give Stardom more exposure, as on December 7 and December 8, Stardom talent will participate in CharaExpo 2019 at the Anaheim Convention Center in California.

This news comes just a day after it was revealed that WWE had failed in a bid to buy Pro-Wrestling NOAH, so all in all, not a great week for Triple H’s “Global Localisation”.


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