Report: Stephanie McMahon Said There Was ‘Animosity’ & ‘Angst’ About Vince McMahon Returning

2 months ago by Amanda Savage

Report: Stephanie McMahon Said There Was ‘Animosity’ & ‘Angst’ About Vince McMahon Returning WWE

*** UPDATE – WWE has reportedly been sold to the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund with plans to take the company private – read more at this link ***

With today’s shocking news that Stephanie McMahon had resigned from WWE, there comes backstage reaction from within the company.

Thanks to a new report from Fightful Select, we have a little bit more clarity regarding the backstage response to the shocking news that Stephanie McMahon has resigned from WWE.

Coming out of the resignation, more details have emerged regarding the company wide staff meeting on January 6 that at the time co-CEO Stephanie McMahon participated in.

According to the report, perhaps a Freudian slip from McMahon who in the meeting noted that “there’s naturally some animosity” regarding Vince McMahon returning before correcting the term to “angst” instead.

So what does the resignation mean for the future of the company? Well at least from a morale perspective, the loss of Stephanie McMahon has seemingly struck a blow.

With WWE sources commenting to Fightful that there is uncertainty from within as to what these moves mean for not only the roster but a prospective sale in the future.

The report notes that several talent reached out to Fightful to communicate confusion, including one that noted Vince McMahon returning to creative may lead to a public backlash from talent.

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