Stephanie McMahon Feels Tyson Fury Was ‘Tailor-Made’ For WWE

2 years ago by Sanchez Taylor

Stephanie McMahon Feels Tyson Fury Was ‘Tailor-Made’ For WWE

Stephanie McMahon believes that boxing Lineal Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury was ‘tailor-made’ for WWE.

Speaking with Mirror Fighting, McMahon praised Fury for being an incredible athlete. Waiting to see if and when he’ll return to WWE, McMahon said:

“Tyson Fury, I feel, is made for WWE. He has all of the personality, all of the charisma, he’s an incredible athlete with a tremendous look, he’s a big man, lots of strength, power, speed and agility.

“I think he is tailor-made for WWE and we’ll see if and when he comes back.”

Tyson made his pro-wrestling debut at Crown Jewel 2019, defeating Braun Strowman by count-out following a knockout punch. Since then, Fury’s wife, Paris, has revealed that he is in touch with Vince McMahon ‘all the time‘.

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H have previously attended Fury’s fights. WWE Champion Big E featured in the video package introducing Fury and Deontay Wilder ahead of their bout in October.

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