Stephanie McMahon Discusses WWE Plans For ‘Global Localization’ International Expansion

Stephanie McMahon Discusses WWE Plans For ‘Global Localization’ International Expansion WWE

WWE Chairwoman and co-CEO Stephanie McMahon has discussed the company’s plans for the ‘global localization’ international expansion.

Global localization is a term previously introduced to us by Triple H when explaining how WWE plans to open Performance Centers around the world.

Stephanie McMahon has now commented on the strategy, and WWE’s plans to create a ‘World Cup-type scenario‘.

At the Wells Fargo TMT Summit, McMahon said:

“In addition to that, international is the focus for us, as we have discussed in the past but now we really have the opportunity to create what we call ‘global localization’ or ‘glocal’ where we can create local Performance Centers with local talent, replicate the lines of business that we have here in WWE and do it on a much smaller scale.

“Ultimately, hopefully that’ll ladder up into the bigger product and potentially then creating a World Cup-type scenario which would be fun and exciting.

“It also then of course is an opportunity for talent to rotate throughout and we can have local stars that can ultimately come up to the main roster of WWE.”

Stephanie McMahon has been officially serving as the company’s Chairwoman and co-CEO since Vince McMahon’s departure in July.

Her husband Triple H currently oversees creative as the WWE Chief Content Officer.

Stephanie McMahon also appeared to reveal a location for a future WWE stadium show, which you can read about right here.

Transcription via POST Wrestling

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