Stephanie McMahon: ‘WWE PC Has Added A Virtual Ceiling

3 years ago by Tempest

Stephanie McMahon: ‘WWE PC Has Added A Virtual Ceiling

The WWE Performance Center is not designed for television. This should be obvious given that it is a gym and not an actual wrestling venue, but WWE has been forced to hold their shows in the building since March.

One of the things people would notice about the building was the exposed ceiling. The ceiling featured a few large industrial fans, which led to some making jokes about WWE still having fans in the building. Now, Stephanie McMahon has revealed they have added a “virtual ceiling” to cover them up. Here is the quote from Sean Ross Sapp on Twitter:

“Stephanie McMahon says they’ve added a virtual ceiling at the Performance Center because the fans haven’t looked good.”

We currently don’t know how exactly this will look. WWE has been using computer-generated animations more frequently in recent years, most notably in larger buildings.  Perhaps the most famous use of the animations was when Seth Rollins won the Royal Rumble in 2019. Upon his victory, he pointed to a computer-generated WrestleMania sign, meaning in the building, he was pointing at nothing.

WWE’s next show from the Performance Center will air this Friday as SmackDown continues the build towards SummerSlam.

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