Steve Austin Weighs In On Brie Bella-Liv Morgan Incident

5 years ago by Wrestle Talk

Steve Austin Weighs In On Brie Bella-Liv Morgan Incident

Just when you thought the whole Liv Morgan-Brie Bella saga had died down and we had moved on to other dramas, the ever-outspoken Stone Cold Steve Austin has weighed in with his opinion.

Speaking to Lilian Garcia on his podcast, Austin cast the net of blame firmly over Brie:

“When you look at that, watching those kicks, Liv was down on the mat, Brie started the kicks. She was laying them in square on the chest, square on the chest. Then, she tried to speed up the cadence. When she sped up the cadence, it took Liv a little bit out of her motion, so, all-of-a-sudden, bam, bam, maybe three times, there was a knockout.

[Morgan] goes down. Okay, now those are potatoes. That’s on Brie because she threw the kicks and she kind of sped up the cadence when she took Liv out of timing, and she caught her a couple of times [in the head]. Brie’s not a malicious person! Brie didn’t try to do that! It happened. Okay, so then it happened and that’s on Brie.”

The part when she goes to pick up, when she goes to pick Liv up, that was a little bit of a panic there because they’re trying to get through the match. They’ve got time cues to hit and Liv goes down. From watching, from being a spectator, I could tell that Liv is out.

Brie tries to pick her up and rolls her over and then she picks her up and starts carrying her back towards the corner, that’s on Brie.

When you injure somebody, just like in any football accident or anything like that or something, if someone gets knocked out or it’s a neck [injury], you just don’t touch that person. She should’ve stood up.

The referee should’ve stopped the match right there or got in there.

What do they do? They grab the wrist, throw up the ‘X’ or whatever. It’s not the referee’s fault, but yeah the referee should’ve stepped in because he should have seen that something was wrong.

So Brie makes the mistake of trying to pick her up and continue on with the match.

When Liv comes in and gets back involved, in my opinion, that’s not on Ruby or Sarah to keep her down.

Now, if it was a person like Vince McMahon or me or whatever and said specifically, or Triple H, ‘stay out – you’re done,’ she probably would’ve listened. I’ve got to give credit to Liv for coming back in the match. On one end, that’s the worst thing you could do, but as a person who has been dropped on the head like I have or like when Triple H blew out his quad and tried to finish the match, it was a tag match we were in a long time ago, that’s the mentality of the boys.

And when I say ‘boys,’ I mean the women too. That’s just what we call them. That’s just the mentality of being a professional wrestler trying to finish the match. That’s what we do, so credit to Liv for having the gumption to want to come back, and finish, and do her part. And whether Sarah or Ruby said, ‘hey, stay down,’ I can’t put the blame on them.”

Well, that clears that up then.

Are we done with this now?

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