Cody Rhodes Says Sting ‘Joined The Healthiest Company He Possibly Could’

2 years ago by Connel Rumsey

Cody Rhodes Says Sting ‘Joined The Healthiest Company He Possibly Could’

WWE Hall of Famer Sting made his surprising All Elite Wrestling (AEW) debut back on December 2 of last year. Ever since ‘the Icon’ stepped foot in Daily’s Place, many were speculating as to whether he had been cleared to compete in the ring.

Speaking with Kenny McIntosh  in issue 11 of the Inside The Ropes magazine, AEW star and EVP Cody Rhodes recently detailed the process of Sting getting cleared to compete in AEW.

Cody began by putting over the AEW medical team, saying:

“The process of getting him cleared really comes down to having a great medical team. I can’t say enough about Doc Sampson and what he’s set up for AEW. I came back through the curtain after Double Or Nothing and someone handed me a bottle of electrolytes, one of the Young Lion type medical trainees that he has because he always has a group of interns and students. I mean, really, I don’t believe in so much of that stuff. I’m a dumb old school wrestler. At least I try to pretend to be. But that’s how you prolong your career. It’s the ice baths, it’s the kinesiology, it’s the actual attention to detail on nutrition.”

Cody continued on, saying that Sting joined the healthiest company he could possibly join, saying:

“Sting joined the healthiest company he could possibly join. And it wasn’t a matter of ever getting him cleared, he’s got to do that through his doctors and our doctors, but more than anything, I don’t know if we thought Sting was going to have a “match” match. Until I saw the level of intensity that the cinematic was—probably more intense than an actual live 12-15 minute match—that’s when I knew, personally, he can have a match. You’re only as good as your dancing partner and when people talk about somebody who might be medically—they might have a handicap, they might have an issue—what we do, we protect that. That’s our job is to protect that.”

Sting wrestled his first match in nearly six years back at AEW Revolution, defeating Ricky Starks and Brian Cage in a cinematic Street Fight.

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