Sting Reveals How He First Met Tony Khan & Joined AEW

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

Sting Reveals How He First Met Tony Khan & Joined AEW

WWE Hall of Famer Sting has spoken about how he first met All Elite Wrestling (AEW) President and CEO Tony Khan and signed with the promotion.

When Sting made his debut a few weeks ago, it was confirmed that he had signed a full-time multi-year contract, but his role hasn’t actually been made clear yet.

Speaking on the AEW Unrestricted podcast, he said:

“I met Tony Khan long before AEW, long before that ever happened. My second-oldest son actually tried out with the Jaguars – he tried out with four teams and the Jaguars happened to be one of them – but he actually called me oh, about a year ago or so. He didn’t call me, he sent a text, and I’m still with WWE so I’ve got to be careful how I handle all of this kinda stuff. I just kept it superficial, and that was that. And, I’d say about two months ago, I reached out and said, ‘Hey, are you still willing to talk?’ and he said, ‘Yeah!’ and here we are.”

Tony Schiavone said:

“I’d heard that you may be coming. That’s all I heard, so JR, Excalibur and I came into your trailer in the back, and that’s really the first time – Cody said, ‘Your buddy is here.’ I said, ‘Okay, that’s good… Who in the hell are you talking about anyway?’ He said, ‘Sting’ and I said, ‘Are you serious?’ ‘Yeah. Let’s go in the back and talk to him.’ So, we went in the back with Tony Khan to talk to you, and that was the first time. It shocked me. It really did.”

Quotes via WrestleZone

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