Stone Cold Steve Austin & Jeff Jarrett Deny Rumors That They Hate Each Other

Stone Cold Steve Austin & Jeff Jarrett Deny Rumors That They Hate Each Other WWE

Two WWE Hall of Famers have disputed rumors that they hate each other.

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Jeff Jarrett have heard rumors of heat between the two stemming from their time together in WWE.

Appearing on Broken Skull Sessions, Jarrett put those rumors to bed that he and Austin had heat with one another.

Double J explained:

“People wanted to latch on and different stories came out. I can’t tell you how many interviews I’ve done and said, ‘Man, Stone Cold hates your stinking guts. Why?’”

When discussing Steve Austin’s time working Jeff Jarrett’s father in the Memphis area, the WWE Hall of Famer said:

“The first time I laid eyes on you, my dad said, ‘Hey, I want you to see this kid’. My dad’s like, he loved you and he goes, ‘What did you think?’ And I go, ‘Dad, he ain’t a kid.’”

Rumors said that Stone Cold Steve Austin didn’t want to feud with Jarrett during his time on top in 1998 when the former multi-time Intercontinental Champion made his return to WWE from WCW.

Jarrett recently confirmed his return to WWE as head of live events on his podcast.

Quotes via Wrestling Inc.

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