Strap Match Officially Set For WWE Extreme Rules

6 months ago by Connel Rumsey

Strap Match Officially Set For WWE Extreme Rules WWE

It was reported earlier today that WWE would be setting up a potential strap match for WWE Extreme Rules on tonight’s episode of SmackDown.

Those reports were proved true when Drew McIntyre made his way out to the ring, but instead of his trusty sword Angela, he instead carried a strap to the ring with him.

McIntyre then challenged Kross to a Strap match at the upcoming event, before Scarlett made her way out to the ring. Kross attempted to ambush McIntyre, but Drew fought him off, tying the strap to him.

McIntyre continued to whip Kross with the strap, until Scarlett threw a fireball at Drew, before low blowing him, allowing Kross to lock in the Kross Jacket, accepting McIntyre’s challenge for Extreme Rules.

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