Symphony Of Destruction Match Announced For Raw

2 years ago by Brian Joyce

Symphony Of Destruction Match Announced For Raw

Another interesting stipulation match has been added to tonight’s episode of Raw. In this week’s continuation of the Elias vs. Jeff Hardy rivalry, the two will compete in a Symphony of Destruction match.

This is not the first Symphony of Destruction match in WWE. Braun Strowman and Elias had one of these matches in 2018 and then Strowman and Elias teamed up to face Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura earlier in 2020.

Here is the preview of the match from

“Get ready to sway to the symphony of destruction once again.

Jeff Hardy and Elias will aim to settle their score this Monday on Raw with musical instruments surrounding the ring in a Symphony of Destruction Match. We have seen the kind of carnage that this match environment can produce before, with guitars, drums and even cellos becoming instruments of pain, and with Hardy seemingly more aggressive than ever before, that tradition is almost certain to continue.

Will Elias force Hardy to accept the “Universal Truth” of his superiority, or will The Charismatic Enigma play Elias off the stage once and for all?”

Elias and Hardy have been feuding since Hardy moved to Raw in the recent WWE Draft.

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