Talk ‘N Shop A Mania Recap

Talk ‘N Shop A Mania Recap

Last night saw the airing of the bizarre Talk ‘N Shop A Mania show put together and hosted by Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson and Rocky Romero.

The show lasted 90 minutes and took a more comedic approach and featured some insane moments and stipulations, and here’s a quick recap for anyone who didn’t catch it.

  • Gallows (Sex Ferguson), Anderson (Chad 2 Badd) & Romero opened the show with a clip explaining that this show was not something to take too seriously and was about having fun
  • They were then shown in front of Gallows’ house, where the show was taped, talking about how much the show was going to suck
  • Chico el Luchador won the ‘Social Distancing Battle Royale’ to become the first Talk ‘N Shop 24/7 Champion
  • Mike Bennett showed up in a card and sold Ferguson some pills
  • ‘Nature Boy’ Paul Lee vs. Frankie Coverdale had no finish as they cut to the next segment before the match ended
  • George North and Stump Kowalski brawled into Gallows’ house to find Brian Myers playing with wrestling figures and one of Gallows’ sons kicked North into Kowalski and that’s how this segment ended
  • Teddy Long introduced the ’80s Russians team to take on the Jungle Kittens, a match the ’80s Russians won. Long then said it was time for the ’90s to take over and brought out the team of Sick Boy & Lodi (Raven’s Flock)
  • Rhino then came out and speared everyone, followed by Brian Pillman Jr, a Kimchee parody named Rimjob, Chavo Guerrero and ‘Cold Stone’ Willie Mack – the brawl ended with Mack hitting a Stunner on Guerrero
  • Swoggle (w/ Brian Myers) beat Rory Fox by pulling his pants down and Fox ran away
  • The finish of the Kowalski vs North match was Kowalski winning after knocking North down a slide into a pool
  • Chavo tried choking Chico during a bench press and soon rolled him up to win the 24/7 Championship, but was then pinned by Chad 2 Badd in the next room
  • nZo did a promo saying that he lost money by attending the show and spoiled the result of the Boneryard Match main event
  • Next was the aforementioned Boneryard Match between Sex Ferguson and Chad 2 Badd. The match featured several jokes and references to the original Boneyard Match in which Gallows and Anderson did appear at WrestleMania. There was also a flashback spoof of their negotiations with AEW and WWE featuring the Young Bucks who superkicked them both after they received a text from Triple H and they said they were going to New York. The Bucks joked they were just going to join TNA anyway. Back to the match, they spoofed the double sit-up spot from Undertaker vs Lesnar at SummerSlam. Badd won by burying Ferguson after he asked if he could have a babyface singles run
  • The show ended with Ferguson wearing the mask of Jason from Friday the 13th and a graphic teasing a possible second Talk ‘N Shop A Mania show

4 years ago by Liam Winnard


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