Popular Talk Show Host Roasts Vince McMahon

2 months ago by Jamie Toolan

Popular Talk Show Host Roasts Vince McMahon WWE

While there were reports stating Vince McMahon turned up to the 6 March episode of Monday Night Raw with a brand new look, we didn’t actually get our first proper look at McMahon’s questionable facial hair until the WWE Hall Of Fame ceremony.

However, while brief snapshots of McMahon at the ceremony finally satiated our curiosity it wasn’t until McMahon would appear on CNBC to discuss WWE’s sale to Endeavor that we would get a much closer look.

The drastic appearance change famously goes against McMahon’s previous stance on facial hair, however, it seems that some aren’t on board with the change.

Speaking on the latest episode of ‘Last Week Tonight’ host John Oliver would discuss not only WWE’s Endeavor deal but also more importantly McMahon’s current appearance.

Oliver would spend 30 seconds roasting McMahon spouting a host of burns such as:

“He looks like the answer to the question ‘What if Salvador Dali chose to live without imagination,'”

“He looks like he’s about to challenge someone to a balloon race around the world. He looks like Vincent Price having an allergic reaction to being stung by bees.

He looks like a circus owner from the 1930s who harasses the dancers, mistreats the animals for fun, and is eventually murdered by a lion while the whole town cheers. And sadly, that is my time.”

Oliver would also describe McMahon’s appearance as an “AI-generated response to the prompt ‘snake tycoon.”

With McMahon now firmly back in the WWE fold, many questions surrounding WWE’s creative situation have been raised with locker room morale reportedly taking a hit.

However, there may be a silver-lining as WWE’s potential merger with UFC will see McMahon lose one significant previously held power, which you can read more about here.

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