Tazz SHOOTS on All In & Cody

Tazz SHOOTS on All In & Cody

ECW legend and former WWE Hardcore Champion and color commentator Tazz recently spoke about Cody and All In on his podcast The Tazz Show. Tazz said that Cody should be an inspiration to other wrestlers that are in WWE and unhappy with their position, pay and travel schedule.

The full transcript of what Tazz had to say is below (the following was said before All In took place):

“If you’re in WWE and you’re a wrestler and you’re unhappy and now you look at someone like Cody and you look at what he’s doing on the independent scene and you’re like, ‘Wow! Holy s***!’ and you’re in WWE and you’re not happy or whatever and you’re on the road a lot and you’re not making great money. Everybody thinks you’re making billions; but, you’re not making billions and you’re like, ‘S*** man, what the hell am I doing this for?’ Look at Cody. He’s his own boss and he does what he wants. He looks like he’s having fun. He’s doing great.’ Yeah, I agree. He’s also a very talented guy and spent a lot of years in the WWE learning the business end of things – besides being an excellent talent on the mic and the ring. His dad is the late great Dusty Rhodes, so this young man grew up in the business with his brother Goldust, who is arguably one of the better talents of all time underratedly. In-ring I’m talking about. Dustin Rhodes was a f****** stud. Cody comes from pretty good genes. He grew up in the business, so it’s tough to compare yourself to him; but, he definitely is an inspiration probably for a ton of talent out there that are in the WWE that are unhappy that are like, ‘Wow, I could leave here and just do more and have fun and just not be miserable and all this s***.’ If I was in my prime that’s how I would think, if I was unhappy in the WWE. Cody is kinda setting that tone. It’s impressive. It really is impressive. I wish the best for all these guys and girls outside the WWE and I wish the best for everybody inside the WWE. I’m an advocate for pro-wrestling. I’m an advocate for talent applying their craft and doing their thing. I think it’s great.”


Cody defeated Nick Aldis this past Saturday at All In to become the new NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion.


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