Tenille Dashwood Wants Bayley In ROH!?

5 years ago by Liam Winnard

Tenille Dashwood Wants Bayley In ROH!?

In a recent interview with the Daily Mirror, Tenille Dashwood, formerly known as Emma in WWE, gave her comments on her tenure so far in Ring of Honor and who she would like to see join her.

Dashwood made her ROH debut in February at Honor Reigns Supreme.

Here are the Aussie’s thoughts on the “women’s revolution” in ROH:

“What I’d like to do is bring some of what I’ve already done into Ring of Honor and Women of Honor. With the timing of the [Women of Honor] Championship tournament back in April, Ring of Honor is putting a lot behind the women this year. So it’s really good timing and exciting for me to be a part of it.

“I want to continue to grow that and the awareness of the skill both ROH and the women have here and continue to kinda push those boundaries. Maybe we could do those things like inter-gender matches or women main-eventing pay-per-views and just pushing all those boundaries, especially now that we have the Women of Honour Championship on the show as well.”


In early 2017 when she was still in WWE, Emma was set to debut a heavily anticipated new gimmick entitled “Emmalina”.

After what seemed like forever of build and hype, the act finally debuted. And then she just went back to being Emma again.

Here are Dashwood’s comments on having freedom over her identity and in the ring:

“It’s amazing. I guess you could say I’ve found this new found energy in life and in wrestling. All of a sudden, all of these ideas started flowing through my head again. I wanted to try new things, I had ideas for things that I had done in the past and I watched people, I saw their styles, new things came to me and I’ve integrated that into my matches.

“All of a sudden, I just had this almost like new passion and energy. Excitement was there because I had the realization of having matches that weren’t always TV matches, that weren’t always strict on timelines or storylines and more so focused on the wrestling, different opponents I hadn’t worked before and a lot of one-on-one matches. I’m able to get out there and wrestle for longer periods of time. It was like a whole new thing I hadn’t done really in years.”

She was also asked who from WWE she would like to see join her in ROH. Here’s her reply:

“It’s hard to name just one haha, but if I had to pick I’d say Bayley and I’ll explain why. She is one of the most passionate, dedicated and hardworking women I have come across in this business. Her and I are very close, we lived together at one point throughout NXT and still to this day, I admire her so much for the hard work she constantly puts in, the new ideas she has, the drive she has to never settle and always want more and those are all feelings I have within as well. If there’s anyone I could go out there and kill it with in a Ring of Honor ring that would be Bayley.”


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