Tensions Escalate During Jericho Appreciation Society Championship Celebration

Tensions Escalate During Jericho Appreciation Society Championship Celebration AEW

Chris Jericho shockingly captured the the ROH World Championship to open up last week’s AEW Grand Slam special episode of Dynamite, defeating Claudio Castagnoli to become the ‘Ocho’.

A celebration from the Jericho Appreciation Society opened up tonight’s show, with the entire Jericho Appreciation Society minus Jake Hager making their way to the ring, all wearing matching purple suits.

Waiting in the ring was Luigi Primo, who made pizza for the JAS, who made sure to let the fans know they won’t be having any.

Jericho said that he was going to change the way that ROH was looked at, and this was the start of ‘Ring of Jericho’. Jericho then spoke to Daniel Garcia, and bought him a matching purple bucket hat.

Garcia then took the hat off before attacking Luigi Primo. Garcia then says that this isn’t what he envisioned when he first got into the business, and he tolerated it for a bit, but he’s finally had enough.

Garcia then went to tell Jericho something, before Jericho cut his microphone off, telling him to think about his decision, and he’ll have to take him out if he makes the wrong decision.

Before Garcia made his decision, Bryan Danielson came to the ring. Bryan told Garcia that he is a grown man and can make his own choice. Jericho then told Bryan that he is tired of him trying to poach his guy, before saying that Garcia belongs to him.

Garcia then said he doesn’t belong to Jericho, but they’re supposed to be entertaining now. He asked the fans if they thought him being in a tag team with Bryan Danielson would be entertaining, and he said he thinks him and Bryan teaming against Sammy Guevara and Chris Jericho would be entertaining.

Daddy Magic then told Garcia that the JAS are sick of his crap, because they gave him everything and now he wants to turn his back on them for Bryan. Bryan says that he was told he was told he could have a match with anyone who wants to fight him, before Bryan challenged Daddy Magic to a match right now.

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