TERMINUS Announces ‘Directives’ For Matches

TERMINUS Announces ‘Directives’ For Matches

TERMINUS Wrestling is set to have it’s first event on January 16, main evented with company former and ROH World Champion Jonathan Gresham defending the title against Josh Alexander.

TERMINUS prides itself as ‘modern age grappling’, and with that comes a unique set of rules, which the promotion announced today.

The rules for matches in TERMINUS are as followed:

– All matches must be won by pin, submission, knockout, or DQ unless a substitute stipulation is agreed upon by the grapplers

– Singles and tag/multi-man matches have a 15-minute time limit. Championship matches have a 20 minute time limit.

– There will be a 90 second overtime if there is no winner after the time limit expires. If no one wins in OT, the result is a draw.

– DQs happen through two technical fouls, the use of a foreign object, or outside interference.

– Technical fouls include throwing an opponent over the top rope, a 10 second top rope count, a 5 count on the ropes, intentional physical contact with the referee, intentional low blow, eye-gouge, fish hook, hair pulling spitting, or closed fist.

– Count outs are five seconds.

– Any use of a weapon is a DQ and expulsion from TERMINUS.

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2 years ago by Connel Rumsey



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