Hall Of Famer’s Sons Hope To Be At WWE WrestleMania Tryouts

Hall Of Famer’s Sons Hope To Be At WWE WrestleMania Tryouts WWE

Terrence and Terrell Hughes, the sons of WWE Hall of Famer D-Von Dudley, have discussed their WWE aspirations ahead of WrestleMania week.

The Hughes brothers, who wrestle as TNT, have been making names for themselves on the independent scene in recent years, and have appeared on AEW Dark numerous times since their AEW debuts in November 2020.

Speaking on the The Run In Podcast, Terrence and Terrell discussed their future, noting that they’re currently working on establishing themselves as top workers.

Hopeful for another WWE tryout around the time of WrestleMania 39, the brothers said:

Terrence: “Right now, we’re trying to conquer anywhere we can. We’ve had a few WWE tryouts already. We’ve had AEW Dark. We’re still going back to AEW Dark and we’re still in contact with the coaches.

“We email each other periodically. Wherever the best opportunity arises is where we would want to go. For right now, we’re doing the indie thing to prove our name first.

“We’re still young and have time, at the same time, we’re still sending tapes, we’re in contact, they’re looking at us, they’re telling us what we should do, what we shouldn’t do, and they’re going to let us know when the next time is we’ll come back in.”

Terrell: “I would like to get on the WrestleMania tryouts this year. We were talking about that. I’ve been sending tape over to WWE. I’ve been getting responses and getting feedback.

“I think they have a tryout after WrestleMania and my goal would be on that. For AEW Dark, we’ve been getting some emails for it, but we’ve been having dates from Indies. We’ve been talking to Tony Khan every time we do the show and we get good feedback. This year would be a good year to take that next step and really get somewhere in terms of full-time with a company.” 

In September, D-Von Dudley stated that he was helping his sons polish up on a few things to make sure they’d be ‘NXT-ready’.

D-Von has since finished up with WWE, and no longer has a backstage role at the Performance Center.

Transcription via Fightful

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