The Acclaimed Dropped From AEW Rankings After Max Caster Controversy

The Acclaimed Dropped From AEW Rankings After Max Caster Controversy

The Acclaimed have been dropped from the AEW tag team rankings following the recent Max Caster controversy.

This is pretty notable because they’d been ranked #2 for the last four weeks and had been in the top 5 for the last 15 weeks, so this was quite a harsh drop.

There’s no confirmation that the Caster situation is the reason they’ve been removed from the rankings, but, as noted, it does seem like a pretty sudden drop.

Reports indicate that Caster is “on ice” with AEW and is set to undergo sensitivity training. There was also a rumor that AEW had suspended him for two months without pay, but several other sources have since said that wasn’t true.

AEW had announced a match with the Acclaimed for last night’s Dark, but deleted the announcement and the match was pulled.

This came a week after Max Caster had included included references to Simone Biles’ mental health, Duke lacrosse rape allegations, fake COVID-19 PCR tests, and Julia Hart’s “v…” (rhymes with Carolina) in his pre-match rap.

Tony Khan said the rap was “terrible” and that he’ll be personally editing Elevation and Dark going forward instead of letting others do it, as he was clearly disappointed that it wasn’t edited out before airing.

Caster has been silent on social media since the night of the controversy but has notably removed references to AEW and the Acclaimed from his profile.

As of this writing, Caster is still on the official AEW website roster page. We’ll keep you updated with any more news on the situation as it comes to light.

You can check out the full AEW rankings for this week and the rest of 2021 at this link.

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