The Devil’s Favorite Demon Sends A Message For The Deadman?

The Devil’s Favorite Demon Sends A Message For The Deadman?

8 days ago on Monday Night Raw, John Cena announced what has been strongly hinted for quite some time: that he was officially challenging The Undertaker to a match at WrestleMania 34. What makes the prospect of this actually happening even more mouth-watering wasn’t the fact that he confirmed the rumors that they’d finally be going at it at the grandest stage of them all, but the manner in which he challenged him. Cena is regarded as arguably the hottest man on the mic in WWE with his promo quality and his last two weeks of work have impressed me. He started with a fiery challenge on the March 12th edition of Raw. Yes, he called the Deadman out. However, he got also got really rather personal. He mentioned The Undertaker’s wife (Michelle McCool) and referenced a home video showing The Undertaker training on Instagram. Cena finished his promo by telling The Undertaker to get over his own ego, to stop hiding behind excuses such as being old or washed up, and calling him a “self-centered conceited ego-maniac.” If anything, Cena came off incredibly heel-like and the world eagerly awaited his response.

Last night on the March 20th edition of Monday Night Raw, John Cena returned to the ring pumped up and ready to tell the world that the match would be happening, he got the Texas crowd cheering (Let’s not forget The Undertaker is from Texas himself), and everyone was expecting the Deadman to show-up and make this a reality. Cena rambled a bit, building up excitement, and then again declared that there had in fact been no response at all. Just silence. I thought the most interesting aspect to this promo was Cena amping up the pressure to really sell the idea that The Undertaker was the heel by letting the fans down and disrespecting them. Cena went on to say The Undertaker was looked upon as a God by these people but now he should barely even be able to call himself a man because the man he’s allowed himself to become is a coward. To me, I was left in awe at the fact that he stood there and he called The Undertaker a coward. He BEGGED for him to do something, ANYTHING. Clearly a reference to The Undertakers smoke and lightning trickery and his antics with coffins. Cena even got the crowd chanting “Do Something!”, but there was nothing.

Disappointed, Cena went to leave and head to the back but suddenly Kane’s music hit and The Big Red Machine appeared, making his way to the ring. This got Cena excited, prompting him to ask Kane if this was The Undertaker’s response. Had he sent his fellow brother of destruction to give a message to John Cena? The answer … possibly? Without a single word being said, Kane chokeslammed Cena in the middle of the ring and left, leaving Michael Cole and the announcer team to speculate whether the challenge had been answered or if it was, in fact, Kane challenging Cena? With WrestleMania 34 being just a couple of weeks away, the WWE has very little time to really push this as a match with any significant meaning. Hopefully, fans get the answer from the Deadman they deserve sooner rather than later… or we could be seeing John Cena vs. Kane on the pre-show come April 8th

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