The Miz Believes NXT Name Will Become A Main Event WWE Superstar

The Miz Believes NXT Name Will Become A Main Event WWE Superstar WWE

WWE’s The Miz has praised NXT star Grayson Waller, arguing that Waller has all the qualities of a main event star.

Grayson Waller made a name for himself as one of NXT’s top heels following the brand’s reboot in 2021. The star had a taste of the main roster in December 2021, making his Raw debut while feuding with AJ Styles.

Speaking on WWE The Bump, The Miz noted that he believes that Waller is on the path to the top of the WWE card.

Stating that Waller is doing exactly what he should be doing while in NXT, The Miz said:

“I look at Grayson Waller as an originator. I don’t see the comparisons between myself and him. He’s his own character, he’s his own person.

“He’s confident, he’s agile, athletic, he’s everything you want in a main event WWE Superstar. I think he’s doing exactly what he needs to do to propel himself to even bigger superstardom.

“Grayson, I think you are doing exactly what you need to do to make yourself one of the biggest superstars in WWE. You actually being there, Matt Camp should be applauding you, shaking your hand, thanking you to bring star power to a show like The Bump, in person, live.

“That’s exactly what you should be doing. You’re doing exactly what you should be doing at NXT. You’re bringing a great talk show. You’re putting on, performing great matches. That’s exactly what you need to do, and keep doing it, and keep working hard and elevating yourself each and every time. So that’s just my opinion on everything.”

The Miz is currently ‘feuding’ with Dexter Lumis on Raw. During the September 26 episode, Lumis laid out the ‘Miz Force’ security guards before dropping the A-Lister with hockey stick.

The identities of the local competitors who acted as security guards for the segment have now been revealed.

Transcription via Fightful

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