The New Day Cosplays As Viking Raiders On WWE SmackDown

11 months ago by Amanda Savage

The New Day Cosplays As Viking Raiders On WWE SmackDown WWE

On tonight’s edition (July 15) of SmackDown, a popular tag team made a surprising entrance before the commercial break.

It’s a New Raid, yes it is?

The New Day made an entrance in Viking Raiders style attire, including fake bellies and beards, along with a graphic reading, ‘The New Raid’.

After the commercial break, The New Raid cut a promo with some dubious accents including, one that decidedly veered into ‘pirate’ territory) before being joined by the real Viking Raiders who were unamused.

Before the real Raiders were able to get their mitts on the New Day, they were joined by friendly visitors in Shanky and Jinder Mahal who assisted New Day in fending off the actual Viking Raiders who were not impressed by the impression.

Then Xavier Woods played a horn and they danced to end the segment. Since it is possible you don’t believe this word salad, check out the video below – this is really what happened in this segment!

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