The Revival Reveal Full Details About WWE Release

The Revival Reveal Full Details About WWE Release

The podcast we’ve been waiting weeks for finally dropped earlier today, as The Revival appeared on their first post-WWE interview with Chris Jericho. The duo followed in the footsteps of Matt Hardy, Brodie Lee and Jon Moxley in speaking to Chris Jericho for their first public interview after leaving WWE.

During the interview, Dash and Dawson (now Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood) spoke about the impact of Dusty Rhodes on their careers, WWE’s treatment of the tag team division, and requesting their releases from WWE.

On the Talk is Jericho episode, Cash revealed that The Revival did request their WWE releases just over a year ago. They said that they denied the reports that they had asked to leave on social media, unlike others who have done so, because they wanted to keep things quiet.

Speaking about requesting their releases at the beginning of 2019, Cash Wheeler had the following to say. He also revealed that in an attempt to get the duo to stay, WWE promised them the Raw Tag Team Championships.

“At the time we were under the impression that we were going to get it [our releases], but things changed”.

Cash also explained that he and Dax wanted to request their releases when they were winning, so it didn’t seem as if they were salty about not being booked to win matches:

“After this loop, let’s wait until we’re on the upswing so it doesn’t look like we’re upset because we’re losing. Let’s wait till we’re on the upswing, and then ask. That way people know it’s not just about us, the tag division as a whole. We’re still adament that long term there is not enough attetion paid to the tag team divison. There are so many good teams there that can contribute so much more. We’d just beaten Lucha House Party, so we knew the tag titles were in our immediate future, and that’s when we asked. Because we wanted to make the point that we knew things were going decent for us, they’re going all things considered, but we’re not happy. The tag titles don’t mean anything”.

After they were granted their releases, Dax received a text from two-time WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart. Harwood said that it was at this point he knew they’d made the right decision:

“The day I got my release, I got a text from Bret Hart who said he was proud of me. When he sent me that text, I knew we’d done the right thing. Because the guy who is the king of standing up for himself – I mean he punched Vince in the face!- the guy who is the epitome of standing up for yourself took the time out of his day to text how proud he was”.

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