The Rock Comments On His Daughter’s ‘Ava Raine’ Ring Name

11 months ago by Connel Rumsey

The Rock Comments On His Daughter’s ‘Ava Raine’ Ring Name wwe

Simone Johnson is a second generation wrestler currently training at the WWE Performance Center. Her father was some little known wrestler named Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, I don’t know if you’ve heard of him.

Simone, now going by the name ‘Ava Raine’ made her first appearance at a recent WWE NXT live event, where she referred to herself as the ‘Final Girl’.

Naturally, the pressure of being The Rock’s daughter will be hard to shake off, which is in part the reason why she’s looking to forge her own identity with her new name.

The Rock recently spoke to Kerry Washington on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, where he spoke about his daughter’s NXT promo, and praised her performance.

He said:

“She made her debut in WWE, their smaller federation, NXT. She did so good. She went out there on the microphone. You have to be poised when you go out there. She has a cool wrestling name, Ava Raine.”

When asked about how the name ‘Ava Raine’ was picked, Rock explained:

“It comes from all different areas. It’s probably a mix of what she wanted to do, what she wanted to be called. Ultimately, what the powers that be want her to be called as well. She’s the first fourth generation of pro wrestler in WWE. I always like to say that Ava Raine could mean a lot of things, but in my mind, it means she’s going to lay the smackdown on candy asses.”

Ava has yet to make her official debut on WWE television, when many expected her to be a part of this week’s 20-woman battle royal, which was won by a returning Zoey Stark.

transcription via Fightful

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