The Rock Discusses Surprising Pop Star At The Grammys

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The Rock Discusses Surprising Pop Star At The Grammys WWE

The Rock has discussed surprising a pop star at The Grammys.

On Sunday, February 5, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson appeared at The Grammys and was involved in a wholesome segment of the show where he surprised singer Adele, who is a big fan of his.

In an interview with Variety, Johnson talked about how he was able to pull off surprising the pop star at the show. He stated:

“We wanted to do something special for Adele. I know that she is a very big fan of mine and has made that clear publicly many times. But I’ve got to tell you, I am a huge fan of hers, as well — her music, her journey, her openness and directness in how she speaks.”

“I’ve always admired that about her.  We were trying to figure out something to do that was going to be fun and surprise her, and we had kicked around ideas all week. The key to a surprise like that is to actually keep it a surprise.”

“Myself and the Grammys went to great lengths to make sure that Adele was authentically surprised in the moment, and she was.”

“It was just a great surprise and I was able to chat with her a little bit and her boyfriend, Rich Paul. And talk about the universe meeting our friendship halfway: I get up onstage and I open that Grammy envelope and it said ‘Adele.’”

Reflecting on presenting Adele with the “Pop Solo Performance” award on the show, The Rock said:

“So that’s why I was able to say, ‘Get up here best friend, Adele!’ It was such a special night. And she’s such a special iconic brilliant inspiring artist who has inspired a generation and who will continue to inspire generations to come.”

“I love that woman. We had a really great time tonight. I think probably the best part about it is she’s just cool — and I had never met her before.”

As previously reported, a top WWE star has stated that he feels the company doesn’t need The Rock for this year’s WrestleMania 39 in Hollywood.

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