The Rock Mocks New Roman Reigns Advertisement

The Rock Mocks New Roman Reigns Advertisement WWE

As Roman Reigns passes 700 days as the world champion in WWE, fans are still anticipating a potential WrestleMania clash between Reigns and The Rock.

WWE has tried to make the match happen multiple times over the years, but conflicts with The Rock’s schedule have led to it being pushed back further.

As Reigns’ stock continues to rise, he sees himself getting more advertising deals, including a recent one he did for C4 Energy.

The advert sees Reigns training on a treadmill, claiming that he tries to put himself in the most ‘uncomfortable conditions’ while he is training.

The Rock saw the advert, and agreed that the conditions were in fact uncomfortable, as he commented:

Uso yeah walking 2mph on a treadmill that’s inexplicably on a boat dock are very extreme conditions. Who’s writing this sh*t for you ?
I’m calling you tonight!!! Wtf

Reigns isn’t the only WWE star to partner with C4 Energy, as C4 are hosting meet and greets with Bianca Belair, Liv Morgan and the Street Profits on July 30 in Nashville.


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