The Sandman Has No Memory Of High-Fiving Michael Jordan In 1998

The Sandman Has No Memory Of High-Fiving Michael Jordan In 1998

ESPN’s documentary series The Last Dance chronicled the career of Michael Jordan with the Chicago Bulls. In the final episode, the Bulls won the NBA Championship in 1998 and we got a surprise cameo from ECW legend The Sandman.

It seems like a bit of a random moment as ECW was not mainstream at the time, but now The Sandman has told Pro Wrestling Sheet what he remembers of the night. Spoiler alert, it is not much. Here is the quote:

“I f***ing forgot about it. We’re driving down I-95. I’m not even thinking about f***ing basketball at all. I didn’t even know the game was going on that day. So, driving down I-95 I see this fucking billboard saying the Jazz are playing Jordan. I have been to at least one-hundred-fifty to two-hundred concerts. Never used a ticket, always used scalpers. I go to the scalper and I’m like ‘dude, I need some tickets for this f***ing game, I don’t have cash.’ He says ‘no problem.’ I ended up following that guy. He ends up taking me to a hotel in Salt Lake City, don’t even know the name or anything, and they had this whole room set up.”

Once the team won, he got the chance to high-five Michael Jordan. Something he remembers nothing about.

“I don’t remember that part at all, Jordan coming out of the f***ing bus and high-fiving him. I swear to God, I don’t remember it. I haven’t told anybody that story! I can’t find a person I’ve told that story to, that I high-fived Jordan, because I f***ing forgot,”

I have to say, I would pay good money to listen to a conversation between Jordan and The Sandman.

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