The Undertaker Comments On Infamous Goldberg Saudi Arabia Botch

1 year ago by Connel Rumsey

The Undertaker Comments On Infamous Goldberg Saudi Arabia Botch

The first-time ever encounter between The Undertaker and Goldberg took place at Super Showdown in 2019, and to say that it didn’t go as planned would be an understatement.

The most infamous spot saw Goldberg hoist the Undertaker up for a Jackhammer, before almost dropping him on his head after botching the move.

The Undertaker himself was a recent guest on the True Geordie Podcast, where he detailed what went wrong on that night in Saudi Arabia, and how him not working a full-time schedule led to him being in the wrong headspace for the match.

He said:

“Yeah, that was one of those things that happened. I mean he’s done that move a million times and, I think, I don’t know if he was concussed at that point yet, and part of that is, because I’m not working a full schedule at that point. I’m not kicking on all my cylinders where I can recognise the fact that like ‘okay maybe we shouldn’t do this’. I’m working off of, people are expecting big things because it’s Goldberg and it’s Undertaker and it’s the first time we’ve ever fought, and that’s what I’m thinking right. I’m just thinking ‘I’ve gotta pay this off’ and maybe if I was working more often I would have recognised the fact that maybe we shouldn’t do that. But that was one of those instances where, two inches, I don’t get up.”

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Taker also spoke about how he feels like there is a “lack of grit” in the modern WWE product.

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