The Undertaker Discusses The Presentation Of His Character

2 years ago by Brian Joyce

The Undertaker Discusses The Presentation Of His Character

The Undertaker remains one of the most memorable characters in wrestling history. This undead warrior from beyond the grave could have been a laughable character in the hands of a lesser man, but Mark Callaway is one of a kind.

Now, he has opened up about the presentation of his character in an interview with the Toronto Sun. Here is the full quote:

“That’s what sets the whole table, really. You have this macabre, morbid-type character so the entrance is what kind of gets the imagination … it’s what kicks it in. It’s such a slow, methodical walk, the smoke and the fire and the music, it was so different from what everyone else was doing. That’s the same way I approached my interviews and everything. Most of the interviews (at the time) were ‘Well, let me tell you something, brother!’ Where I didn’t talk often. Paul Bearer did most of the talking, but when I did say something, I talked low and slow and it was like ‘whoa.’

When somebody talks low, what do you do? You kind of lean in. You garner people’s attention that way. The entrance, obviously, that’s the setup to the match, and a lot of times the entrance was more important than the actual match that I was in. Obviously I’ve had matches that really stand out and people remember, but the entrance is what people are so mesmerized by.”

The Undertaker’s story is currently being told in The Last Ride docuseries on the WWE Network.

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