The Undertaker Says Raw Going Live ‘Revolutionised’ The Wrestling Business

The Undertaker Says Raw Going Live ‘Revolutionised’ The Wrestling Business WWE

The very first episode of WWE Raw aired live from the Grand Ballroom at the Manhattan Center on January 11, 1993. WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker wrestled on the inaugural episode of the show, where he picked up a win over Damien DeMento.

WWE is set to celebrate 30 years of WWE Raw in January 2023, with them also today celebrating 10 years of three-hour Raw shows.

The Undertaker made a recent appearance for WWE at San Diego Comic Con where he reflected on the debut of WWE’s flagship show, and how he claims it ‘revolutionised’ the wrestling business as we know it today.

He said:

“We were excited that we were going to be live and all that, but we had no idea that this was about to revolutionize the wrestling business. At that point, we would do three weeks of TV, three days in a row, then we’d be out touring. At that point, let me see if I can be politically correct, all we worked was extras. They used to be called jobbers. If you’re an ex-jobber, don’t be woke and cancel me. You can’t, but go head [laughs]. That’s how we did business. Then, Monday Night Raw comes along and we’re going to be live every Monday night and it really did change the scope of the wrestling business. You would have Undertaker vs. somebody else in an enhancement match. Now you have top guys going against top guys every Monday night because you have to have ratings. If you were to keep a live show, you had to put the best out there that you could. Probably one of the greatest things to happen to wrestling in the modern era was going live with Monday Night Raw,”

The Undertaker also spoke about WWE’s impending return to a TV-14 rating, and how he believes it will benefit the company.

transcription via Fightful

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