The Usos Reveal Advice They Gave Solo Sikoa Upon Joining WWE

5 months ago by Connel Rumsey

The Usos Reveal Advice They Gave Solo Sikoa Upon Joining WWE WWE

Solo Sikoa has been making big waves in NXT 2.0 since his debut on the brand back in October.

Sikoa is the younger brother of SmackDown Tag Team Champions Jimmy and Jey Uso, who recently spoke about their brother on the WWE After The Bell podcast recently.

Jimmy spoke about how they told Sikoa to find his own way in the company, and not to be too much like them.

He said:

“Coming from a big family, it’s hard to make your own footprint. We told lil bro, ‘You have to find your way. We have been through this fire before. You have to find what works for you.’ He’s down there doing his thing. Every single day he’s like, ‘Did you watch the match? What about my promos? Is there anything you can tell me about what to do?’ First thing is, don’t look like us because we look a lot alike. ‘Alright, bet.’ He had long hair, he chopped his hair, dyed his hair, went from the Air Forces to barefoot. He’s uncomfortable in the ring barefoot, but he’s doing whatever he needs to do to make his own mark. I told him he’ll find it. I remember Randy (Orton) telling us that he wasn’t Randy Orton until six years in game. It started to dawn on me, sitting there like, ‘that’s what it is.’ The grind of constantly throwing at the wall and whatever sticks, sticks. Whatever don’t stick, keep going. All we do is throw at the wall.”

Jey then continued on, speaking about the advice that he has given his younger brother, saying:

“Always trying to evolve. That’s the game. You either get left behind or stay in the mix. When you get here, you either sink or swim. That’s as simple as it can get. It doesn’t matter if you’re running things down there or wherever, when you get up in here, we’re going to find out what you’re made of and you either crack or deliver like we do. The sucky part about this is, little brother, it’s going to be hard. We’re all big timing and then you have little bro, he’s next in line. It’s going to be hard for him and he knows this, but stick the script and we always have his back. We love him and he’s doing great down there. I can’t wait to expand this Bloodline, trust me, we’re expanding. Deep,”

Sikoa is set to team with North American Champion Cameron Grimes on tonight’s (May 17) episode of NXT 2.0, with him set to be the first challenger for either Grimes or Carmelo Hayes coming out of NXT In Your House.

The Usos are set for their big Tag Team Championship Unification match on this week’s episode of SmackDown.

transcription via Fightful

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