The Usos Praised By Former Rival For ‘Finding Their Legs’

The Usos Praised By Former Rival For ‘Finding Their Legs’ WWE

WWE star Xavier Woods has praised The Usos for their growth over the years, touting Jimmy and Jey as two of the best performers in the company.

From rising stars to WrestleMania 39 main eventers, The Usos have changed a lot during their 13 year WWE main roster run.

Speaking on Superstar Crossover, Woods noted that it’s awesome seeing everyone invested in the Usos following their rise to the top of WWE.

Reflecting on his former rivals’ careers, Woods said:

“So excited. It’s been awesome seeing their growth throughout the company.

“So when they first came in, they moved into face pain and then turning heel and then really finding their legs and growing into what they are now.

“And some of the best performers that we have on the roster, and they have been for a very long time. But the fact that they get to show it now and kind of live in it, I think that only makes you better.

“And it’s been great seeing this comeuppance that we’ve been seeing from Jey, especially because when people are coming into the bloodline, he’s gotta sit there and think, ‘Oh, I got my ass beat to get into this.’

“Everybody’s just getting let in, like, ‘What is this?’ So to see him finally pop off has been really awesome to see because it’s been a long time for him.

“It’s been a long time for both of them. So it’s, right now is a really good time for them.”

All three members of the New Day are currently out of action, with Big E and Kofi Kingston recovering from injuries, and Woods working on projects away from the ring.

Xavier Woods recently addressed rumors about the New Day’s return, which you can read more about right here.

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