Theory: AEW To Announce Video Game Later Today

3 years ago by Andy Datson

Theory: AEW To Announce Video Game Later Today

Since the early 2000s, if you’ve wanted a wrestling video game, you’ve pretty much had to rely on the SmackDown vs. Raw or WWE 2K series, which in the last few years has been a bit traumatic given the horror that was WWE 2k20.

However, prayers for a different game may be answered later today, as the Young Bucks have teased a “Huge Announcement” on today’s episode of Being the Elite.

In an Instagram story post, Matt Jackson wrote:

“Huge announcement tomorrow on #BeingTheElite! We’ve been working on this for a very long time. Can’t wait to share!”

The reason may expect this to be an announcement on a new video game is that the Bucks and Kenny Omega (among others) have teased an AEW video game for a number of months, and they are well known as huge gamers.

It was announced last year that Japanese developer Yukes was no longer working with WWE, and this started rumours that they may instead team up with AEW to create a rival to the WWE 2K series.

Kenny Omega teased an AEW game right at the start of this year during a live show panel. When asked about more news on a potential game, he said it was “coming soon”.

Being the Elite will be uploaded later today, so we will update you with what the announcement is later.

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