Tiffany Stratton Scrapped WWE Main Roster Plans Revealed

Tiffany Stratton Scrapped WWE Main Roster Plans Revealed WWE

Scrapped plans for a rising WWE star to serve as Maxxine Dupri instead of Sofia Cromwell have now been revealed.

Maxxine Dupri was introduced to WWE TV in July 2022 to replace LA Knight (Max Dupri) as the valet for the Maximum Male Models faction.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed that Maxxine Dupri was actually Sydney Zmrzel, who had been introduced to NXT TV as ‘Sofia Cromwell’ earlier that year.

Speaking on Twitch, former WWE stars and Maximum Male Models Mace and Mansoor discussed the origins of the Maxxine Dupri character.

Revealing that Tiffany Stratton was originally set to take on this role before plans were changed at the last minute, the duo noted:

Mace: LA Knight doesn’t get invited to the show.

Mansoor: I’m pretty sure it’s the same day we were all supposed to fly to the show. Knight got told ‘you’re not traveling’ and we were like ‘oh s**t.’

Mace: That was the day they made the Maxxine Twitter, which we thought was a role play.

Mansoor: We thought it was fake.

Mace: They followed us and we got a text, ‘follow back the Maxxine Twitter account.’

Mansoor: Maxxine Dupri was a character that existed before the person playing it right now started playing it. Maxxine Dupri, as a concept, was created that day.

Knight saw that and was like, ‘that’s it, guys.’ You know what’s funny. Maxxine Dupri character gets created on Twitter and says, ‘I’m Max’s sister and I’m running the Maximum Male Model website.’

We’re all looking at that like, ‘Okay.’ A week after that, they tease the debut of Maxxine Dupri. ‘Maxxine Dupri will come out with the Maximum Male Models.’

I swear to God, when I heard that, I looked at LA, we looked at each other at the same time, ‘It’s going to be you in a dress, isn’t it?’ He’s like, ‘It’s going to be me in a dress.’

Mace: I 100% thought it was. We didn’t know what they had planned. We thought, ‘It’s gotta be Max in a dress.’

Mansoor: Poor LA. He was really trying and for whatever reason, they were harping on this Max Dupri thing. We thought it was a way to punish him.

Obviously, didn’t happen, it was not the case, just something we were thinking about. Are we allowed to say who it was almost going to be?

Mace: I don’t know. I don’t know what we can do.

Mansoor: Can we say who it was almost going to be? Okay, we heard Maxxine Dupri was going to be Tiffany Stratton. We heard that was very close to happening until the last minute.

Mace: They did not decide until the day before. It was the day before travel. Sydney (Sofia) found out and had to go pack.

Stratton recently made appearances on WWE Raw and at the Payback premium live event to fuel a rivalry with Becky Lynch.

The rising star then dropped the NXT Women’s Championship to Becky Lynch on the September 12 edition of NXT.

Stratton has since been working more main roster shows, fuelling rumors that she will soon receive a main roster call-up.

Transcription via Fightful

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