Title Match And More Announced For Next Week’s WWE SmackDown

3 years ago by Nate

Title Match And More Announced For Next Week’s WWE SmackDown

Tonight on WWE SmackDown, AJ Styles was officially crowned the Intercontinental Champion in his official Championship Celebration. He forced Daniel Bryan to put the title around his waist.

After he put the title around his waist, Bryan suggested some matches for AJ Styles. One of those matches was with Drew Gulak.

Bryan suggested Gulak because Gulak was able to pin AJ Styles two weeks ago. AJ declined. However, he won’t be able to avoid the match for long.

Styles will put the title on the line against Drew Gulak next week. This will be his first official title defense.

Styles lost to Matt Riddle tonight on SmackDown. Maybe Styles will have better luck next week.

Another person who has been down on his luck is Jeff Hardy. Jeff Hardy lost to Sheamus at Backlash last weekend.

He spoke with Renee Young tonight in a sit-down interview where he called Sheamus a bully. Later in the show, Sheamus responded by saying loves being a bully and will teach Hardy a lesson.

Next week, he is planning to toast Jeff Hardy. This will no doubt be a celebration involving alcohol and taking shots at Jeff’s sobriety.

Sounds fun and light-hearted right? Hopefully, there won’t be any urine involved.

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