TNT & TBS GM On Why AEW Dynamite Is Moving To TBS

2 years ago by Sanchez Taylor

TNT & TBS GM On Why AEW Dynamite Is Moving To TBS

Here’s why AEW Dynamite will move to TBS from January 5, 2o22, according to TNT & TBS General Manager Brett Weitz.

Speaking with Deadline, Weitz noted that he believes wrestling fans will migrate over from TNT, as fans will find content wherever it airs. Also noting that more wrestling is better for everybody, Weitz said:

“We obviously make these decisions with a lot of data and gut behind them. The brand of TBS is we’re always here for a good time. That is exactly what AEW is and AEW Dynamite, and so, when we look at the concentric circles of TBS and TNT, our TBS viewer is a heavy drama viewer, believe it or not. So, we know that those fans will migrate over, and we also believe that wrestling fans find the content wherever it is, and we also think, more wrestling’s better for everybody, honestly,”

In September, it was revealed that AEW Rampage will remain on TNT, after Dynamite moves to TBS.

A recent report revealed that AEW’s quarterly TV specials are expected to air on TNT, with the first of 2022 reportedly planned for January 8.

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