Tommaso Ciampa Predicts NXT Will Be The Number 1 Brand In 5 To 10 Years

2 years ago by Nate Craver

Tommaso Ciampa Predicts NXT Will Be The Number 1 Brand In 5 To 10 Years

Tommaso Ciampa sat down with Yahoo and discussed his recovery from injury and the future of NXT.  Tommaso had a lot of interesting things to say.

However, his prediction for NXT over the next 5 to 10 years might be the most interesting:

“We are equal, NXT is legit.  I think some people knew that but now we’re reaching a bigger audience. I joked about it when we got the USA deal, that I couldn’t wait until 5 or 10 years down the road when it’s WrestleMania weekend and NXT is drawing the bigger house. I stand by that. You give us 5 to 10 years on TV, every week on USA, I think NXT is going to become in everyone’s eyes the No. 1 brand in professional wrestling.”

Step 1 in becoming the number 1 brand in all of professional wrestling is to start winning the ratings on Wednesday nights.  Given the fact that Triple H has invited the other 2 brands to the show on Wednesday night, this might be the first week where they do that.

However, sustaining it beyond 1 hot-shot booking angle related to WWE Survivor Series is going to be key for NXT.  NXT, certainly, does not struggle as sustaining long term stories.

Tommaso Ciampa was involved in what many have considered a near-perfect story with Johnny Gargano.  Unfortunately, an injury kept the story from reaching its conclusion.

“It was literally just four more weeks we had to get through. It was tough to accept that and digest that. I wanted so badly to walk into WrestleMania weekend as the NXT champion and headline TakeOver. It’s still on my bucket list, it’s still something I want to do.”

Ciampa is headling this weekend’s NXT TakeOver: War Games in the men’s War Game match, but he obviously means as a singles wrestler.  War Games is a very dangerous match and is known to leave folks battered and bruised.

So how does he plan differently now:

“It’s more for me understanding that there’s a bump count or that I’m on borrowed time, whatever you want to label it as.  Yeah, of course I have a surgically repaired neck now, so maybe my window is smaller. It’s getting the most out of the time I have left and elongating things to the best of my ability. That means being smart with everything going forward, from my training to my warm ups and everything after.”

Where does he plan to spend this limited amount of time?

“I’m not going anywhere.  This is my home and will be my home for the rest of my career.”


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