Tony Khan Addresses MJF Mentioning AEW Contract Issues On TV

1 year ago by Connel Rumsey

Tony Khan Addresses MJF Mentioning AEW Contract Issues On TV AEW

MJF has been the center of some contract controversy in recent weeks, as rumours emerged that he was currently ‘leaning towards’ leaving the company in 2024 when his contract expires.

MJF has made numerous mentions to the 2024 year on AEW Television recently,which is an example of real life blending into the television product.

AEW president Tony Khan was asked about MJF making reference to his ongoing contract saga during the pre-Double or Nothing media scrum, to which Khan said he believes wrestling is at it’s best when real life mixes with the television show.

He said:

“Wrestling thrives when real life meets on-screen. The real-life conflict is often just as exciting as any conflict on-screen, which is one of the good things about what AEW has brought to the wrestling business. There was no real, major free agent market with the top stars crossing promotions, debuting, and frankly the competition needed to be brought to the biggest stage. With the 90s, we had TBS and TNT in the wrestling game. With the launch of AEW, we’ve been able to bring that back. Taking what is happening in real with potential movement and contract negotiations is exciting. Adding another element to what will be a very exciting match at Double or Nothing with Wardlow and MJF, who has been very vocal, not only about his own contract but about his former bodyguard and how he feels and he’s tried to hold down his career. For Wardlow, this is a huge opportunity to officially be part of AEW and to shed an image that he’s just MJF’s heavy and MJF’s thug. For MJF, it’s been a great opportunity to not only air some real-life grievances and air his actual status, contractually or otherwise. People are really excited about the fight at Double or Nothing on Sunday.”

MJF is set to face off against his former bodyguard Wardlow at the Double or Nothing pay-per-view.

transcription via Fightful

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