Tony Khan On AEW Vs WWE: ‘People Want To See Competition In Wrestling’

10 months ago by Taylor Sanchez

Tony Khan On AEW Vs WWE: ‘People Want To See Competition In Wrestling’

Tony Khan has explained why competition is good in wrestling, arguing that there is greater value when promotions are ‘fighting’.

Speaking with the New York Post, Khan recalled the excitement surrounding wrestling in the 1990’s, believing that we’re starting to see a similar buzz.

Comparing this Friday’s Rampage/SmackDown clash with the Wednesday Night Wars, Khan said:

“In wrestling, we’re worth more against each other and we’re better off against each other. I believe there is greater value in the wrestling market when we’re fighting and people want to see competition in wrestling. I think it’s one of the reasons people lost interest in wrestling was because there was not true competition for 20 years.

“Now with AEW in the mix and competition back in wrestling, I think there are more people excited about wrestling than there have been in a long time with the free-agent movement and good shows. At the end of the day, it has to be good shows. Through the 90s there were a lot of great wrestling shows. Every week, every month there would be great stories and great matches and you couldn’t miss it. I think it’s starting to get that way again,”

(On the final 30 minutes of SmackDown clashing with Rampage) “It’s a little bit different than the Wednesday Night Wars because that was from the very beginning of Dynamite and we put our head down and it was an every-week thing. This seemed like pretty predatory, which is fine if that’s how you want to play it. It’s not outwardly how they’ve (WWE) shown they wanted to play it.

Not only will half an hour of SmackDown and Rampage go head-to-head on Friday, Khan has announced a Buy-In show to take place before Rampage, while the WWE show is on the air.

Former WWE Champion Bryan Danielson will wrestle on the Buy-In, set to do battle with Minoru Suzuki.

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