Tony Khan On Andrade El Idolo Potentially Leaving AEW After Rampage

2 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

Tony Khan On Andrade El Idolo Potentially Leaving AEW After Rampage AEW

Tony Khan has discussed the possibility of Andrade El Idolo leaving AEW following Friday’s (October 7) edition of Rampage.

On the show, Andrade will face off against the Dark Order’s 10 in a match with a big stipulation. If Andrade wins, 10 will have to remove his mask, however if Andrade loses, he will be forced to leave AEW.

Speaking on My Mom’s Basement with Robbie Fox, Tony Khan, hyped up the match in character, noting:

“Andrade is a terrible guy. If Andrade loses this match, he would leave AEW forever, and frankly, you know, the way things have gone with Andrade and the way things have carried on, I think a lot of people might not mind that, but it’ll be an interesting situation to follow.”

Khan’s comments are now quite ironic, with Andrade and Sammy Guevara’s backstage heat erupting on Twitter following Khan’s ‘My Mom’s Basement’ interview. After exchanging shots online, Andrade has told Guevara that he’ll see him Wednesday, at the October 5 Dynamite taping. You can read more about the duo’s heat right here.

Prior to Andrade and Guevara’s recent interactions, the former NXT Champion had teased his AEW departure on social media.

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Transcription via Wrestling Inc

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