Tony Khan Apologises After Controversial AEW Media Call Comments

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

Tony Khan Apologises After Controversial AEW Media Call Comments

Tony Khan has made an apology after some controversial comments he made during yesterday’s pre-Full Gear media call.

During that call, Tony Khan was asked if AEW possibly has plans for an all-women’s show similar to NWA Empowerrr, but Khan actually cut off the question before it had been finished, and said:

“I’m gonna cut off your question right there, because I don’t think I get enough credit for what I did for the NWA show. Because a good number of the people that wrestled on the NWA show were wrestlers that I sent and paid. So I do think I contributed because the highest paid wrestlers on that show were actually the people I paid separately from what they already make in AEW to go and wrestle on that show.

“And I don’t think they (the NWA) did a very good job of telling people that. Even though it was in the deal that we did. I wish they told more people because it was one of the points I made when we closed. I said, ‘It would be nice if you told people I’m paying the wrestlers coming in, because that’s a big contribution from me’, if that makes sense. So I did pay the wrestlers for that show. It’s kind of like when you pay for a dinner and nobody thanks you.”

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As you’ve either already seen or could probably guess, that comment really didn’t come off very well and Khan took a lot of criticism for it.

Ella Jay, who asked the question that Khan cut off, later tweeted:

Tony Khan & I have resolved today’s media call incident privately, and he apologized. Thank you to all who brought awareness to today’s discussion

It’s obviously good to know he apologised, and if his mindset really is what his answer made it seem like, hopefully the backlash has led to him doing a bit of reflecting.

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