Tony Khan Calls Locker Room Leaks “Shameful”

Tony Khan Calls Locker Room Leaks “Shameful” AEW

Tony Khan touched on the leaked news over the weekend that Orange Cassidy may have new theme music, which ended up not coming to fruition when fans saw him entrance at AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door.

Tony Khan was asked about the leaked report that Orange Cassidy was set to have a new theme song for tonight’s pay-per-view, he reflected on a memory from the past about knowing for major issues, the locker room can be trustworthy, saying:

“There were like, a hundred people sitting in the stands at Daily’s Place when Amanda [Huber] told us Brodie was sick, I know there’s a lot of new people here since then, but there were a lot of people here, and a lot of them are the same people even though there’s a lot of new faces, and no one said a word. So when it’s something life or death, I trust the people backstage, but I’ve learned around like a lot of stuff, it just leaks. It’s like, really shameful. Like people shouldn’t be doing it. And that’s one of those ones where it screwed up what would have been maybe a pop… the fact that it even came up was dumb.”

Khan referencing when the late Brodie Lee (real name, Jon Huber) was battling for his life, the entire story remained private until after his passing.

Going on to elaborate, Khan confirmed (without mentioning what the song is) that he is working on obtaining rights to a song that Orange Cassidy frequently used on the independent scene, saying he is close but for this instance, close means very little, noting:

“As I understand it, I have 97.5% of the rights in this case, it might as well be 0. I’m close, I’ve been told by the 2.5% holder that they’re going to get back to us and it seems like its going probably happen but the fact that I’m even having to explain this is ridiculous and it’s because someone in the back shouldn’t have said what they said.”

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You can check out all the details from tonight’s AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door by clicking here. 

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