Tony Khan Says CM Punk Has ‘Office’ Role In AEW

6 months ago by Dave Adamson

Tony Khan Says CM Punk Has ‘Office’ Role In AEW AEW

Details of CM Punk’s prominent backstage role in AEW have been revealed by Tony Khan in a recent interview.

Talking about putting a show together and who he could rely upon backstage, Tony Khan spoke to Ariel Helwani and explained that:

“There’s a lot of people… you’d go, whatever their stuff is. I think there’s specific, even if they’re not working in an office job per se you’d go to like a Chris Jericho, Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley.”

He would then go on to elaborate as to the identities of others he would speak to, highlighting the names who were working an ‘office job’:

“Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks and CM Punk.”

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Whilst it isn’t clear in which capacity CM Punk worked in the office, it’s curious that Khan would have brought his name up at the same time as other company EVPs.

With Punk stating he was “trying to run a business” at the AEW All Out Media Scrum, Khan’s words do add to the story that CM Punk’s role in AEW was much more than just a wrestler.

With Punk suspended along with other members of the AEW roster – namely Omega and the Bucks themselves – whilst an investigation is conducted, this disruption to the “office” of the business is sure to have a greater impact as the investigation drags on.

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