Tony Khan Wanting ‘Competitive Spirit’ Between AEW & WWE

Tony Khan Wanting ‘Competitive Spirit’ Between AEW & WWE

Tony Khan has taken to social media to note that he wants there to be a sense of competitive spirit between AEW and WWE.

Following the announcement that the last half hour of SmackDown will clash with the beginning of AEW Rampage next week, Khan took to Twitter to say that he ‘can’t wait‘ for AEW to beat WWE in ratings head to head.

Khan has since elaborated on his hopes for a friendly rivalry between the two companies. When one Twitter user pointed out that Rampage will likely be going up against Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch, Khan tweeted:

“If I’m not sweating it, you shouldn’t be either. This is what sports are about, set a goal & try your best. We’ve got a great #AEWRampage card Friday + big Dynamite matches Saturday. I expect to do well, but regardless of next Friday’s stats, it’ll be a great weekend for the fans”

Robbie Fox of the My Mom’s Basement podcast took to Twitter to argue that it’s strange to see so many people upset with Khan’s comments, considering the belief held by many fans that the Attitude Era was the peak of wrestling, when WWE had direct competition.

Replying to Fox, the AEW President wrote:

“Twitter’s the child of the boards/chat rooms that thrived during the 90s wrestling war; part of my business plan is recreating that competitive spirit while avoiding WCW’s errors, which is why I pace/don’t blow thru matches. @AEW has many years’ worth of big matches up my sleeve.”

When it was asked whether people were this mad over Eric Bischoff challenging Vince McMahon to a fight on live TV, Khan replied:

“Dude, people online were absolutely furious over that in 98. Eric already had crazy online heat before that too. I’ll never take it that far; I’ve never claimed I could physically best Vince, I just think AEW can put on a better wrestling show than them & I want people to know it.”

Well, next Friday will be interesting.

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3 years ago by Sanchez Taylor


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