Tony Khan Defends AEW Dynamite Redesign

2 months ago by Ryan Coogan

Tony Khan Defends AEW Dynamite Redesign WWE

Tony Khan has addressed the controversy surrounding the repackaged red and blue design of the AEW Dynamite set.

When AEW debuted the redesign in the new year, viewers couldn’t help but draw comparisons between the company’s new color scheme and that of competitor WWE’s Raw and SmackDown brands.

Speaking during an appearance on the In The Kliq podcast with Baby Huey, Khan argued that AEW Dynamite’s new color scheme is in keeping with other professional sports leagues:

“We do the show live every Wednesday on TBS, plus we’re live on TNT and we wanted to give the fans a new look to the show. I thought that presentation would be very cool to the show. I really like that color pattern, it’s consistent with most of the big sporting leagues like the NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball. [They] all kind of use that color scheme and I thought it would make a lot of sense for AEW.

“Yeah and the logo, like you said, whether it’s the American flag, the NBA, Major League Baseball or the NFL, it’s a consistent color scheme and consistent with a lot of the top sports league and AEW now has become one of the top sporting leagues in the world.

“We’re on in over 150 countries, our TV ratings have been up in 2022, not just in America, but overseas. And we’ve got this great fanbase that we’ve built over the years and I’m finally coming to the San Francisco area. We’ve got this big By Area pay-per-view, you’ve been asking me for so long when we’re going to bring a huge event there and it’s finally happening. March 5, AEW Revolution.”

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Transcription courtesy of WrestleZone.

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