Tony Khan Explains His AEW TV Appearances

6 months ago by Dave Adamson

Tony Khan Explains His AEW TV Appearances AEW

Ever since AEW first launched back in 2019, CEO and president Tony Khan has made sporadic appearances on both AEW Dynamite and Rampage, usually in the form of making big announcements, such as when he purchased Ring of Honor, or the announcement of the Forbidden Door pay-per-view.

While not physically appearing on the show, he has been an important plot point in the AEW return of MJF, with his voice clip being played ahead of MJF’s return at All Out.

Having previously said that he didn’t “need to act or be on television or take up the TV time”, Khan has provided a current update on his mindset during an interview, stating:

“I am a device, and when it is necessary, it can be a very effective one.

He would clarify the importance of being less seen by telling Ariel Helwani:

“I have made all of four appearances in 160 episodes. All of them did about a million [viewers]. Really, every time they were very necessary.”

Whilst this may sound surprisingly boastful for a man more accustomed to Tweeting his opinion incessantly, he does have a very good point, going on to explain:

“The only four times I’ve been on the show were, the most regrettable, was at the end of the Brodie Lee tribute show. Then there was the purchase of Ring of Honor, there was the announcement of the Forbidden Door, and there was the announcement of the Grand Slam Tournament of Champions.”

Khan, obviously, does do media appearances outside of appearing on his own programming and it is his courtship of the media world that has kept his face fresh in the minds of so many wrestling fans.

Transcription from Wrestling Inc

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