Update On Tony Khan & Others’ Interest In Buying WWE

3 weeks ago by Sanchez Taylor

Update On Tony Khan & Others’ Interest In Buying WWE WWE

An update has emerged on Tony Khan’s interest in buying WWE, following speculation about a WWE sale.

With WWE CEO Nick Khan previously stating that a WWE sale could happen within the next few months, there have been a lot of rumors swirling about potential buyers.

Following Tony Khan fuelling speculation surrounding him and his father Shahid Khan potentially purchasing WWE, a new report has shed more light on the current situation.

Per Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, Khan would need partners to be able to pay WWE’s high asking price.

Noting that the it doesn’t appear that WWE is attracting any serious business attention from media companies, and that Saudi Arabia could be the favourite to buy WWE, Meltzer explained:

“(Tony Khan) has expressed interest, but for him to get it, he’d have to take in a lot of partners to get it. Which is not out of the realms of possibility – they could put together a giant deal.

“But aside from that – the Saudis and the Khan family – nobody else has publicly expressed interest in buying it, and the price is… in theory the price is very high, they threw that $9 billion figure out.

“Unless the Saudis have pretty much agreed to go with 9 billion, which is a very highly inflated figure that I don’t think anybody else would meet, then that’s probably where it’s gonna go.

“If it wasn’t for them, the figure would not be that high, but with them, the money is not as much of a deal as it is with other people trying to get a fair value for it.

“They’re looking for something completely different, it’s a completely different animal, and they do want it, and for all the talk, it doesn’t appear that any of the media companies are looking for it.”

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Meltzer went on to explain that media companies are currently losing so much money on sports products and streaming that they likely wouldn’t consider buying WWE – especially at the $9 billion price point.

This would in theory make the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund the favorite as the idea of making a profit isn’t the priority for them, but rather just the publicity.

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