Tony Khan Addresses Jeff Hardy Arrest & Jon Moxley Comparisons

Tony Khan Addresses Jeff Hardy Arrest & Jon Moxley Comparisons AEW

AEW star Jeff Hardy is currently serving an indefinite suspension from the company following his recent DUI arrest two weeks ago.

Hardy isn’t the only AEW star to suffer from addiction, as Jon Moxley checked himself into alcohol rehabilitation last year.

Tony Khan spoke about the two situations on his pre-Forbidden Door media call, where he addressed Hardy’s arrest, and how he doesn’t like to compare Hardy’s situation with Moxley’s.

1:49 – Tony Khan is asked about introducing a wellness policy after what happened with Jeff Hardy. TK says AEW does have a wellness policy, but with drinking, that’s different. He says most talent has drank responsibly. TK believes that it’s two different things with wellness policy and drinking.

1:51 – TK praises Jon Moxley for identifying he had a problem and dealing with it. With Jeff, it’s totally different. TK says that’s why they handled the two totally differently

1:52 – They were about to move on and TK cut off the moderator to bring up Jeff Hardy again. TK says Jeff is doing fine and doesn’t like what he did. But he really doesn’t like comparing the two (comparing Jeff with Moxley). He doesn’t like comparing the two at all. TK says Jeff has to go to treatment to come back, but it’s two totally different situations

2:00 – TK is asked to elaborate on AEW’s wellness policy. TK says they are here to help anyone that needs it. He says that they are here for anyone who needs help. TK hopes he showed that by how they reacted differently from Jeff’s situation than Mox’s. He stresses they are here to offer help and hopes that people come to them for help and not get in trouble.

Khan also spoke on the call about the possibility of a sequel to the Forbidden Door show.

You can see all updates from Khan’s media call at this link.

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