Tony Khan On Jim Cornette: ‘The Person I’ve Learned The Most About Wrestling From’

Tony Khan On Jim Cornette: ‘The Person I’ve Learned The Most About Wrestling From’

Tony Khan and Jim Cornette don’t always see eye-to-eye, but Khan has made it clear that he does have a level of respect for Cornette.

As we’ve covered already, Tony Khan spoke about AEW being about “pro-wrestling”, and in contrast with WWE, saying the phrase “pro-wrestling” is not banned, and is actually the furthest thing from banned.

Expanding on his point, Khan did not say Cornette’s name, but this is definitely a quote from Cornette that Khan is reciting, and the description of not always making him happy certainly adds up.

Speaking at the post-All Out media scrum, Khan said:

“As somebody I look up to said, wrestling fans watch the wrestling programme to see the wrestlers wrestle. And even if I don’t always follow everything he says, or haven’t always made him happy, that is probably the person I’ve learned the most about the wrestling business from. I don’t think he would probably take a lot of credit for me as his protege, but the fact is he’s right about that.”

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That is something Cornette has said in the past in bafflement upon learning WWE banned the word “wrestling” or “pro-wrestling” in favor of “sports entertainment”.

This comes very recently after Jim Cornette thanked Khan for his tribute to Bobby Eaton after his passing.

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3 years ago by Liam Winnard


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