Tony Khan ‘Less Optimistic’ About WWE Collaboration After ‘How They Treated Him’

Tony Khan ‘Less Optimistic’ About WWE Collaboration After ‘How They Treated Him’ AEW/WWE

AEW opened up the Forbidden Door back in June, when they collaborated with New Japan Pro Wrestling to present the Forbidden Door event at the United Center in Chicago.

The thought of AEW and WWE opening their Forbidden Door together has been discussed by fans ever since the recent WWE regime change and Vince McMahon’s retirement, with those fans believing it to be more likely now Vince McMahon is out of the company.

Tony Khan himself has admitted that he was ‘pretty optimistic’ about a potential crossover between the two when the change was first made, but speaking on the pre-All Out media scrum, admitted he is now ‘less optimistic’ given ‘how they’ve treated’ him.

He said:

“I was pretty optimistic when they first made the change but I’m less optimistic now given how they’ve treated me,”

While Khan did not clarify what treatment he was referring to, he did confirm that the mandatory talent meeting held prior to the August 24 Dynamite was ‘mainly’ due to the reports of WWE ‘contract tampering’ with AEW stars, in Khan’s own words.

He also confirmed that AEW officials had reached out to WWE, warning them to stop communicating with their talent.

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2 years ago by Connel Rumsey



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